A Great Eye: A Love Story Between a Collector and his Acquisitions


Quote by Vincent

Jackson, an architect and artist, was a great friend of Vincent’s.  Jackson had many opportunities to share in Vincent’s passion for art as his collection grew.  Below are a number of Vincent’s thoughts relative to his art collection, selected by Jackson to reflect his memories of his dear friend Vincent’s love for art.

“To buy a work you have no emotional connection to, is truly money down the drain; because whenever you look at it, whatever you paid for it, you have to feel connected to it.”

“The benefit of collecting is the knowledge you collect along with collecting.”

Aaron Douglas speaking to Romare Bearden said, “Technique in itself is not enough; it is important for the artist to convey emotion (instinctive feelings)…The artist’s technique, no matter how brilliant, should never obscure his vision.”  

“Having visited so many museums and Art galleries internationally, I find my successive art purchases have more of an emotional and imaginative content.”  

“I amassed an extensive library of books on art history, art collections and artists, subscribed to various art magazines, and kept an eye on what was happening at auctions. I visited museums and sale galleries abroad. At the museum exhibitions, I always rented the headsets, which is like having your own professional guide to highlight the most important paintings.”  

“I maintained friendly contact with local artists, collectors, art lovers and art store personnel. In effect what I was doing was familiarizing myself with the broad range of works by Bahamian artists, developing an artistic eye for selecting works of art and educating myself about the art market.”  

“The beauty of a work of art can be judged by the pleasure it gives one for it must give joy. There is a Persian notion that genuinely inspired art make you feel “young and strong and glad”. It cannot help being a source of pleasure and one of the richest in life.”  

“Collectors are a lot like artists themselves. Like artists they possess vision, passion and an innate instinct for what is good in art and what is second rate. They are also quick to recognize works that resonate with their personal values and aesthetics. Their joy of collecting approaches the creative exhilaration experienced by artists themselves. Compared with artists, collectors may exert an even stronger influence of how history will judge their art. Collectors record history, not in books, but in their collections.”  

“I am delighted with and enjoy my acquisitions and take great pride in showing them off. I have never sold any of my acquisitions.”  

It was not until the 1990’s that I began feeling more sure of myself, of my taste, my knowledge and my wealth (no more college fees).  I made greater purchases.  By then, I also had the advice of Stan & Jackson Burnside, and with the opening of the Bahamian Art Gallery and Marlborough Antiques, near to my office, I had maximum exposure and advice on the art of the nineties.

“I have built a wonderful rapport with many of our artists and feel their joy and relief when collectors and others support their exhibitions.”  

“As a collector I am protecting the artist’s talents so other people can appreciate it and I get terribly excited when someone admires the art, enquires of the artists and purchase a painting of his or hers.”  

“I am recognized as a serious collector and many artists take great pride in being in my collection.”  

“I can think of nothing more personally rewarding and moving than by what Jackson Burnside III said about me when he introduced me at The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce “Business Man For The Year 2000” Banquet.”

“Vincent D’Aguilar reached out through his interest to give honour to Bahamian Art, to show it is possible that not only could a significant body of world class works be produced by this little country, but that he could put his money where his mouth was and build a world-class collection.”