Bahamian Art Lending Program

The Bahamian Art Lending Program, launched in 2009, intends to engage the local business community in promoting Bahamian art while allowing them the opportunity to enliven their work spaces with high quality original artwork.

The objectives of the Bahamian Art Lending Program are to:

  • Increase exposure of Bahamian art to heighten public appreciation for the many and varied forms of artistic expression produced by our artists;
  • Promote the artists whose works are on display and encourage interested persons to see more of the artist's works, with a view to promote private or corporate purchases of original Bahamian artwork;
  • Raise funds for the DAF’s Global Discovery Program and After School Art Program at Uriah McPhee Primary School; and
  • Cover the costs of insuring the works on loan.

Program participants must be reputable, ethical and community-minded businesses with significant numbers of visitors, so that art works can receive widespread exposure. It is not intended that any artworks be displayed in private offices or back office areas. Rather, artworks should be displayed in reception areas, board rooms, meeting rooms, etc. Office premises must be situated in a clean and secure building in a reputable business district. Rooms where art is to be displayed must be attractive, clean, climate controlled, properly lit, and secure.

Art works must be hung so that they are protected from potential damage by office equipment and internal traffic. Art work may not be hung where it will receive direct sun exposure during any portion of the day.

Based on a tour of the participants' office premises, the administrators of the DAF’s Bahamian Art Lending Program will suggest art works that are suitable in subject matter, size and format.

Participants are asked to review suggested works and discuss options with the DAF administrator so that a suitable selection of art works can be agreed upon.

All artwork will be installed by a team from the DAF. Any specific concerns regarding hanging hardware, possible damage to walls, etc., should be discussed and resolved in advance of the installation date.


  • Proposed display areas at participant's offices will be reviewed and approved by an administrator of the Bahamian Art Lending Program.
  • The minimum borrowing period is twelve (12) months.
  • A substantial portion of art works loaned to participants will be rotated or changed after two years (24 months) of being displayed in a single location within the participant's offices.
  • Artworks should not be moved or re-located unless supervised by an administrator of the Bahamian Art Lending Program.
  • The administrators of the Bahamian Art Lending Program will have reasonable access to borrowed art works, and may occasionally need to make substitutions in the artworks on loan.
  • The administrators of the Bahamian Art Lending Program may, at their sole discretion, discontinue this program with any participant upon two (2) weeks notice. Pro-rata contributions to insurance and the annual donation will be refunded to the participant.

For further information about the Bahamian Art Lending Program, please contact us:

  • Saskia D'Aguilar, mobile: 357-9263, email:
  • Tessa Whitehead, mobile: 376-7553, email: