The D’Aguilar Art Foundation

The D’Aguilar Art Foundation (DAF), launched in 2008, is the culmination of Vincent D’Aguilar’s vision for Bahamian art. The Foundation seeks to preserve and expand the collection, to promote appreciation and education of fine art and provide support for Bahamian-based artists.

With over 2000 artworks in our collection, we recognize the DAF’s role in the community as a repository of knowledge on Bahamian art and art history. We provide access to artists, scholars, collectors, and aficionados to the collection to study and research Bahamian art. We also welcome school visits from any school in the country to the gallery on school trips, and any visitor that is interested in learning more about Bahamian art history and culture.

Not only has our collection become a valuable tool for art education, but we support artists in any way we can through many programs and initiatives: The DAF’s Global Discovery Program provides travel grants to students at the tertiary and post-graduate level to view the world’s masterpieces, galleries, collections, and museums. We do this with the aim of helping aspiring Bahamian artists develop a global awareness of art histories and culture. Locally, we host a weekly art program at Uriah McPhee Primary school and supply art donations to children in New Providence and Family islands, hoping to nurture young students’ interest in the arts.

The DAF Art Lending Program Continues to loan artworks from it’s collection to exhibitions and other appropriate venues, specifically those in keeping with its philosophy to, above all, promote Bahamian Art. The program also affords commercial establishments in New Providence the opportunity to showcase artwork from the collection while also encouraging private and commercial acquisitions of original Bahamian Art.