Latest News

  • ​NEW ACQUISITION: Sonia Farmer's "A True and Exact History" (Poinciana Paper Press, 2018)


    This artist book was recently acquired by the DAF from the fundraising exhibition in support of Letitia Pratt's studies, a garden. Sonia Farmer so generously donated the piece to the exhibition, and for this we truly appreciate her! Here's what she says about the work:

  • The Weight of the Tide: Lynn Parotti's 'Time Under Tension' in Review


    Lynn Parotti’s Time Under Tension was a compact exhibition that communicated a profound message in its simplicity. All of the work shown was a homage to The Bahamas’ aquatic environment, which – according to ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies – is suffering major damage because of coral bleaching; a direct result of global warming. Nestled carefully in The D’Aguilar Art Foundation’s (DAF) intimate gallery space, Parotti’s new series of works, ‘Bahama Land’ is a vibrant epitaph of the beauty of the Bahamian coral. Her seascapes are illustrated from the point of view of somebody who is just above the water looking down (perhaps over the hull of a boat), or right above the ocean floor. When affronted with the vibrancy and electric colours of these spaces depicted in such indulgent, viscous application of oil paint, the works speak like relics to the past.

  • New Acquisition: "Hair Drying" (nd.) by Brent Malone


    Brent Malone's 'Hair Drying' was recently acquired by The D'Aguilar Art Foundation from the Charitable Arts Foundation's annual art auction: and what a find!

  • New Acquisition: 'The Bits John Constable Left Out' (2018)


    This print by Chris Orr RA* is part of his series 'The Miserable Lives of Fabulous Artists' and was exhibited in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London. The series depicts the studio lives of some great names from art history, namely, John Constable, Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Hopper, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso, all of which are represented using Orr’s characteristically humorous visual language.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'Frazzled Atmosphere' (2018) by Jordanna Kelly.


    This week, we highlight one of our favorite pieces in our current exhibition, OVERWHELMED, by Jordanna Kelly -- 'Frazzled Atmosphere' (2018). This triptych captures the vivid chaos that is Kelly's imagination.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'Jacob Wrestling with an Angel' (nd.) by Marc Chagall.


    This week we celebrate a rare find within our collection, 'Jacob Wrestling with an Angel' by Russian-French artist, Marc Chagall.

  • Artwork of the week - Lush Landscape (1992) by Kendal Hanna


    This is actually a tiny painting, only about 11" x 13", but it occupies a large visual space. It is one of about 10 smaller works the DAF has acquired by Hanna during the 90's. I know and love Hanna's larger paintings: he makes large marks with such varied and intense energy and forms shapes and spaces that feel unfamiliar and completely unique to him. But I chose to highlight this small work because unlike Kendal's larger paintings, he would have used the movement of his hand rather than his shoulder to make the brush-marks, but the painting has the energy of an entire body moving around space.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'The Stinger' (2017) by Jordanna Kelly


    In preparation for Jordanna Kelly’s upcoming solo show, this week, we highlight a piece the foundation acquired from, “Bugs, Blessings, and Barriers” the last solo show she held at the Central Bank of the Bahamas in 2017.

  • Artwork of the Week: ‘Three Spirits’ (1959) by Robert St. Brice


    Happy Spooky Day everyone! In accordance with the spiritual-themed month, this week we are highlighting one piece from our collection that is rooted in spirituality: ‘Three Spirits’ by Robert St. Brice.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'Blessed Redeemer' (2018) by John Cox


    Today we highlight 'Blessed Redeemer' by John Cox, a wearable sculpture currently on display in our current exhibition, pARTicipate!.