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  • Artwork of the Week: 'Everything is not level and I am not str8' by Margot Bethel

    In keeping with our recent studio visit to Margot Bethel at the Current [Studios], we want to highlight one of her brilliant installations that she constructed for our 2014 Transforming Spaces Exhibition, Submerged.
  • Artwork of the Week: 'Sea Blessings' by Jordanna Kelly

    This week we highlight a newly acquired piece to our collection: 'Sea Blessings' by Jordanna Kelly.
  • The Making of “Muse : Muse”

    two artists are inspired by the indefinable muse…


    The stunning work of two powerful Bahamian
    artists currently commands the gallery walls of the D’Aguilar Art Foundation
    (DAF) downtown in what can only be described as a striking juxtaposition of

  • Artwork of the Week: "Italy" by Allan Pachino Wallace

    This week’s highlighted Artwork is Italy, one of Allan’s paintings currently on display for our latest
    exhibition, MUSE, curated for Transforming Spaces this year. 

  • Artwork of the Week: "Jupiter" by Allan Pachino Wallace

    This week, we highlight one of the pieces currently showing in MUSE, an exhibition curated for Transforming Spaces.  The show juxtaposes work of contemporary artist Allan Pachino Wallace against master artist Brent Malone. This painting, "Jupiter", is a direct response to Malone's "Earth Sea Sky", and at first glance the only similarity one may notice is the posing of both subjects: hands held out to the side, holding flowers, gaze piercing the onlooker strait-on.  Upon closer inspection one notices that Pachino, like Malone, also uses heavy symbolism to connect his figure to nature. The subject cracks out of the (earth) stone, and moves upward into the blue (sky) top part of the composition. Both paintings elevate the feminine with symbolic storytelling. 

  • Artwork of the Week: "Hationary Mural" by Allan Pachino Wallace

    This week, we highlight the artwork of contemporary artist Allan Pachino Wallace in preparation for our upcoming exhibition for Transforming Spaces, MUSE. Pachino completed this mural three years ago for our 2015 Transforming Spaces Exhibition, "Hationary." This year, he will again showcase his work in a two-person exhibition alongside the works of the late Brent Malone.
  • Artwork of the Week: "Junkanoo Cosmic Dancer" by Brent Malone

    This week, we highlight the artwork of the late Brent Malone
    in preparation for our upcoming exhibition for Transforming Spaces, MUSE.
    Throughout his life's work, Malone drew inspiration from a select number of
    models that nourished his profound interest in the figure. In "Junkanoo
    Cosmic Dancer", Malone not only draws inspiration from the figure of the cowbellman
    - grounded in a shroud of Junkanoo garb - but also draws from the historic ritual
    of Junknaoo itself.
  • Artwork of the Week: 'Here There is One Season' by Heino Schmid

    All of the
    pieces shown in the our current exhibition, 'wait. I saw something.' emerge out of small narratives – and this
    sculpture is no exception. Here There is
    One Season
    represents a bouquet of flowers that are starting to wither
    away: the weight of the clay on the tip of wires form the heavy, lethargic
    movements a plant makes when it begins to lose its life. This piece is a response
    to Heino Schmid’s encounter with an abandoned bouquet at a police station (not being arrested, I am supposed to
    clarify) and the idea of letting nature melt into the man-made environment
    around us.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'Resurrection with Roman Soldiers" by Wellington Bridgewater

    Currently on display
    at the National Art Gallery's Exhibition "Medium: Practices and Routes of
    Spirituality and Mysticism", Wellington Bridgewater's 'Resurrection with
    Roman Soldiers' is ripe with storytelling. Upon first glance, one would assume
    that the piece dichotomizes the saved and unsaved in its two-part earth-sky
    composition; however, the painting narrates a scene in which the
    roman soldiers confront their own judgement.
  • Artwork of the Week: "Portrait of Lady with a Pearl Necklace" by Jocelyn Galsworthy

    In celebration of Marina D'Aguilar's upcoming birthday, our first artwork of the week this year is a beautifully rendered portrait of her painted by Jocelyn Galsworthy. Currently hanging in her home, this painting is one of may in our collection dedicated to the wonderful Marina. Happy Birthday!