NEW ACQUISITION: Mango 1 and Mango 2 by Melissa Alcena


New Acquisition

We are delighted to acquire two photographs by Bahamian artist Melissa Alcena. 'Mango 1' and 'Mango 2' will be the first artworks by Alcena in the collection, however we supported her work at the gallery in a group exhibition entitled 'Diversions' in 2017. The pieces were purchased from Central Bank (2019), from a solo exhibition by Alcena that featured portraits of people that were specifically looking away from the camera or hiding their face, in this case concealed with huge banana leaves.

Alcena's photographs can be described as crisp, extremely detailed, vibrant and tonal. Her choice of colour appears as important as the presence of the person with in the work.

Alcena captures people she encounters in her daily life. Although this method is documentary- style, and she often works outside within the space she finds her subjects, the images focus on the figure rather than the surroundings.