Ivanna, Alistair and Angelika are currently studying for undergraduate degrees at Savannah College of Art and Design, USA, JingDeZhen Ceramic Institute, China and University of Kent, England respectively. While on summer break, each has created a new body of work that reflects their developing practice, new influences and return to the familiarity of home. Flourish brings together three disparate developing practices to explore the ways in which contemporary Bahamian artists create layers and connections in their work through travel, exposure and education.  

The past year at Savannah College of Art and Design has seen Ivanna focus increasingly on linear abstraction. She explores biomorphic shapes through line and shape; the subtlety of a closed line versus an open-ended line describes space and weight.  

In the midst of a technically demanding ceramic course, Alistair explores an array of innovative techniques in this body of work; he paints on found ceramics, incorporates gold leaf, uses straw as a structural detail and explores handmade glazes. Attention to detail reveals itself in every aspect of the paint, carving and organic forms.  

The Poinciana flower is a yearly offering that coincides with Angelika’s return home. She presents the flower as an offering of thanks. The female figure, an increasingly strong presence in Angelika’s work, presents as the giver and object.