'pARTicipate!' : An Interactive Exhibition


The D’Aguilar Art Foundation is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition, pARTicipate!, a show that aims to highlight the playfulness and accessibility of art. The exhibition intends to be a medium by which children (and fun adults) can learn to appreciate performative artworks of all kinds: from singing sculptures to painting you can walk into, pARTicipate! encourages its viewers to play with the artwork shown in the gallery.

The show features five prominent Bahamian artists: June Collie, John Cox, Kendra Frorup, Natascha Vazquez and Margot Bethel. Each artist created a piece of interactive artwork surrounding themes of play, folklore, and storytelling. Each piece displayed will encourage the viewer to participate physically with the artwork and become a part of the piece’s story. Here are the ways each artist does this:

June Collie
Dollhouse expands June Collie’s well-known murals in an installation that is explores the internal architecture of her paintings. The piece encourages the viewer to interact with the home she has created.

John Cox
Cox’s wearable sculpture Blessed Redeemer is a homage to his mother, who would use this phrase as a form of sigh. It perches on your shoulders in the same way a Junkanoo costume would, transforming the wearer into a superhero (like his mother).

Kendra Frorup
Kendra Froup’s assemblages of beading, straw work and prints responds to your movement with sound and light. She draws from a multi-media practice that explores the iconography of Caribbean Life.

Natascha Vazquez
Vazquez’s six paintings all explore the story of the Lusca, a monster resembling an octopus that resides in blue holes around the Bahamas, in bold, colorful ways.

Margot Bethel
Bethel’s installation is inspired by folk storytelling through music. Her instruments create sounds with indigenous seeds in recycled containers explores the connection between music and nature.

If you would like to organize school visits to see this exhibition, visiting times are scheduled for the 24th to the 28th of September; however, if your school is interested in organizing field trips outside of that time frame, we are happy to accommodate you.

  • There is no entry fee into the gallery
  • Plan to allow 30 - 45 mins for the students to spend in the gallery depending on the age group.
  • We are located on Virginia Street, just west of downtown Nassau.
  • Please get in contact at least two weeks before your planned visit.

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