Roland Rose: Bahamaland


Roland Rose came to the Bahamas in 1946, and took up photography as a hobby at the age of thirteen. In 1952 he joined the Bahamas Development Board, later to become the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, as a professional photographer.

He has spend the past half century promoting The Bahamas in the best possible photographic sense. We can never know the millions of visitors that this artist, through his skills, has brought to these 700 islands in the sun. Such a contribution culminated in Rose receiving the prestigious Cacique Award in  1996.

His photographic exhibitions, which started in 1996 at the Marlborough Gallery in Nassau, gave the public a chance to view his unique collection of black and white photographs, along with colourful images of flora and fauna.

In recent years he has moved into the digital world and expanded his horizons, commenting that it is the best thing that has ever happened to photography.