The ‘Untaught Artist’ Visual and Creative Art Call 2024

When : 2024
Where : online
Application Deadline : 26 April 2024
Application Fee : none
Stipend : various prizes given

Art is a tool of understanding and enlightenment, across cultures and regions of the world. Art stirs emotion and communication, without words; it is truly a universal language. It should be used to help make our world a kinder, healthier, safer place to live.

With this in mind, and in consideration of our world’s present and past afflictions, we have birthed the ‘Untaught Artist’ movement in The Bahamas, so that unconditioned Bahamian artists can communicate to the world and to each other their deepest concerns and hopes for humanity.

The goals of the ‘Untaught Artist’ art call are to:

  • Raise awareness to important global issues of humankind
  • Explore the reach and talent pool of untaught Bahamian artists in The Bahamas/the Bahamian diaspora
  • Create a space of convergence where untaught Bahamian artistic talent becomes a voice for the global issues of our time


A - Drawing

B - Painting

C - Photography

D - Ceramics

E - Sculpture

F - Mixed Media

G - Textiles


  1. No age limit, i.e., whether 8 or 88 years old, your submission is welcome
  2. No formal art education, i.e., you must not have an art degree (age 17+)
  3. Within the above-listed categories, artwork can be in any medium or of any dimensions, as submissions will not be physical artworks
  4. Submissions will be photos and video clips of your artwork, which can be captured with your mobile device
  5. Photography submissions (Category C) must not be edited in any way except: cropping/straightening, full image lightening/darkening, or red eye reduction

All photos and all video must be well-lit and in sharp focus.


(1) “Free Palestine: From Jewish Holocaust to Palestinian Genocide”


(2) “Colonialism to Neocolonialism — the Evolution of Conquerors”

Artists should create artwork based on their own interpretations of the theme. Theme options (1) and (2) above may be combined if this facilitates greater creativity.


Art call submissions will not be of physical artwork, but must include 5 (five) multi-angle images (front, back, two angled sides, top) of the artwork, as well as one 360° video clip of the artwork. You must also submit a 30 to 45-second audio or video file describing your submission, your style of art, and why you create.

The three most captivating entries will be featured prominently in an online gallery dedicated to art submissions for this call, and will be awarded as outlined below in Endowments.

Images of all submissions will be displayed/viewable online (at 75 to 150 dpi), with artist details, for global audience appreciation including potential buyers’/collectors’ expressions of interest.


$300 and a $100 art supplies gift certificate

$150 and a $50 art supplies gift certificate

$75 and a $25 art supplies gift certificate


All submissions will be reviewed by a small but cohesive team of self-taught, practicing visual/creative artists and/or art/design professionals of multiple artistic backgrounds, who are passionate about advancing the visual and creative arts in The Bahamas on an equal footing, without restrictions of opportunity based on age, formal education, previous awards, or exhibition experience.


11.59pm, Friday, April 26, 2024


‘Untaught Artist’ Art Call 2024


Nicole Burrows


TheUntaughtArtist at