Artwork of the Week: 'Half-Moon' by (2018) by Natascha Vazquez


Natascha Vazquez's Half-Moon is inspired by the old Bahamain folk-creature, the Lusca.

This week we highlight “Half-Moon” by Natascha Vazquez, one of five paintings that she completed for our current show, pARTicipate! The show invited Vazquez, along with four other artists, to complete pieces that invite the viewer to interact with. With Half-Moon, Vazquez encourages viewers to tell stories about the Lusca. Created with the squid-like creature in mind, the long, languid curves and slanted shapes within the composition are inspired by Vazquez’s remunerations about how the Lusca’s form moves under the waters of the blue hole. Come visit, pARTicipate, and tell us about any close encounters you had with this mythical creature!