Artwork of the Week: 'Here There is One Season' by Heino Schmid


All of the pieces shown in the our current exhibition, 'wait. I saw something.' emerge out of small narratives – and this sculpture is no exception. Here There is One Season represents a bouquet of flowers that are starting to wither away: the weight of the clay on the tip of wires form the heavy, lethargic movements a plant makes when it begins to lose its life. This piece is a response to Heino Schmid’s encounter with an abandoned bouquet at a police station (not being arrested, I am supposed to clarify) and the idea of letting nature melt into the man-made environment around us.

Schmid’s interest in the core within artwork is not lost within this piece. The minimalist structure – simple wire and clay atop a wooden stand –  signifies the “skeleton” of the flowers, more visible because of their own deterioration.  This design is meant to have subtle command within a space and mimic the “melting” into the environment that Schmid witnessed. The piece, ironically, is meant to be noticed because of its inconspicuousness, and the delicacy of its structure contributes to this narrative.