Artwork of the Week: 'Conjure Woman' by John Beadle


Easily one of the most recognizable and requested pieces from our collection, John Beadle's 'Conjure Woman' calls upon the spirits of our ancestors. It was a prized possession of Vincent D'Aguilar, and up until recently hung reverently in both his and Marina's home. Currently, though, it is on display in the National Art Gallery's permanent exhibition, "Revisiting an Eye for the Tropics". "'Conjure Woman' is fully representative of Afro-Caribbean Art," Vincent said about the painting during a walk-thorough of his work in the 2003 NAGB Exhibition, "One Man's Vision".  "She is possessed with all the ingredients to make spirits come and go." 

Year: 1990
Classification: Painting
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 36"t 30"w