News Archive : 2019-03

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  • New Acquisition: "Hair Drying" (nd.) by Brent Malone


    Brent Malone's 'Hair Drying' was recently acquired by The D'Aguilar Art Foundation from the Charitable Arts Foundation's annual art auction: and what a find!

  • The Weight of the Tide: Lynn Parotti's 'Time Under Tension' in Review


    Lynn Parotti’s Time Under Tension was a compact exhibition that communicated a profound message in its simplicity. All of the work shown was a homage to The Bahamas’ aquatic environment, which – according to ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies – is suffering major damage because of coral bleaching; a direct result of global warming. Nestled carefully in The D’Aguilar Art Foundation’s (DAF) intimate gallery space, Parotti’s new series of works, ‘Bahama Land’ is a vibrant epitaph of the beauty of the Bahamian coral. Her seascapes are illustrated from the point of view of somebody who is just above the water looking down (perhaps over the hull of a boat), or right above the ocean floor. When affronted with the vibrancy and electric colours of these spaces depicted in such indulgent, viscous application of oil paint, the works speak like relics to the past.