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  • Artwork of the Week: 'The Stinger' (2017) by Jordanna Kelly


    In preparation for Jordanna Kelly’s upcoming solo show, this week, we highlight a piece the foundation acquired from, “Bugs, Blessings, and Barriers” the last solo show she held at the Central Bank of the Bahamas in 2017.

  • Artwork of the week - Lush Landscape (1992) by Kendal Hanna


    This is actually a tiny painting, only about 11" x 13", but it occupies a large visual space. It is one of about 10 smaller works the DAF has acquired by Hanna during the 90's. I know and love Hanna's larger paintings: he makes large marks with such varied and intense energy and forms shapes and spaces that feel unfamiliar and completely unique to him. But I chose to highlight this small work because unlike Kendal's larger paintings, he would have used the movement of his hand rather than his shoulder to make the brush-marks, but the painting has the energy of an entire body moving around space.