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  • Natalie Willis writes article about NOMAD of the Golden Hour

    The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas West and West Hill Streets Nassau

    The Bahamas Published: Nov 05, 2016 
    Natalie Willis for Guardian Newspaper

    Art is often largely underestimated as a tool for education in schools. Outside of the use of art to illustrate a theme or provide a creative interpretation of a concept, the power of art as an inclusive and encompassing tool for understanding and looking at the world seems quite lost. Art opens up dialogue in such a vast catchment of topics in ways that other things just cannot, and in time for the ‘back to school’ rush, the photography of Greg Pesik, ‘Nomad of the Golden Hour’, currently on exhibit at the D’Aguilar Art Foundation (DAF) seeks to do just that — to open up the floor for encompassing all kinds of conversations about the world around us. 
  • Allan Wallace is awarded Global Discovery Program 2016

    Bahamian artist, Allan Wallace is the recipient of our 2016 Global Discovery Program, for which he will visit Rome, Italy. As an accomplished and very hardworking artist and mural painter, Allan was looking to be re-energized and inspired and what better way than to see the Sistine Chapel!  Congratulations Allan, we are very proud of you and your work!