Morley, Spurgeonique

Spurgeonique Morley (born 1991, Nassau, The Bahamas) received her Bachelor in Art Education from The University of The Bahamas (2017) and is currently teaching at C.H. Reeves Junior High school.

Morley re-imagines the internet as a safe space to explore the feminine ego, sexuality and self love by her blending her practice with the use of Instagram, selfies and nature. Her female figures are often touted with mysticism and lore, and an unapologetic confidence that exudes through her various themes and use of mixed media. Her goal is often to elevate black beauty as she captures and equates them with beings that often hold otherworldly powers and the strength and beauty of nature that we see in everyday life.

With her work, she affirms the need for women to find solace in other women’s experiences, confidence, self love and hopes of becoming the best version of what they want for themselves.

Recent exhibitions include ‘My Dreams, Aren’t Your Dreams’, The Island House (2017), and ‘The Likeness of Being’ (2019), The D’Aguilar Art Foundation, 'Identity' at Doongalik (2020), and 'Overhead Bin' (2021) at The Current.