Wallace, Allan Pachino

Allan Pachino Wallace (1979, Nassau, The Bahamas)

" There is no progress in constantly repeating what has been done.” This theme resonates sharply through the art and life of Bahamian-born Visual Artist- Mr. Allan Pachino Wallace. Allan who is mostly self-taught, has been practicing for over 20 years, as one of the most unique contributors to Bahamian art. He utilizes a wide range of mediums, practicing as an enigmatic muralist, a live art virtuoso, a conceptual designer, and a distinguished fine artist. His artwork can be found in both local and international collections ranging from galleries, churches, restaurants, airports, schools, and parks. One medium has garnered extensive international notoriety, his ‘salt art,’ that has been featured by Time Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Fox Sports, ESPN, and CBS. He is the sole owner of Design Strong Studios, Cable Beach, Bahamas.

While his art has taken him to both high and low places, Allan remains fearless with his brush strokes. When asked where his gift and purpose come from- “God” is always his answer.