Saint, Sheldon

Sheldon Saint (born 1971, Freeport, Bahamas) is a self-taught artist who has been drawing from the tender age of eight and painting from the age of nineteen.  Working in oil, watercolor, egg tempera and conté, Saint illustrates intimate scenes and landscapes.  His photo-realistic images of boys fishing, docked boats and schoolchildren depict a peaceful and nostalgic view of Bahamian life.  

Since his first solo show in 1995, Saint has exhibited consistently in group and solo exhibitions in The Bahamas.  In 2013, he held his first international exhibition in Canada.  His work was accepted for the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas Inaugural Exhibition in 2003 and the second National Exhibition in 2004.

Saint’s work is featured in the hardcover book, Splash13, Alternative Approaches: The Best of Watercolor. "The Splash books feature artists from more than a dozen countries and Sheldon is the first Bahamian we've had in the series." says Sarah Laichas, editorial coordinator of the North Light Books' series. "Sheldon's painting is exactly the type of piece that makes the Splash books so popular with collectors, aspiring watercolorists and art instructors.’’

Saint is a member of the Grand Bahama Artist Association and The American Watercolor Society. In 2015 he was shortlisted for the International Watercolour Society Competition.