Minnis-Eyma, Roshanne

Roshanne Minnis-Eyma (born 1972 Nassau, The Bahamas) took up painting in 1986, two years before she graduated from high school at Queen’s College.  Minnis-Eyma most enjoys painting figures in action; fishing, playing or farming, and she typically works in oils and soft pastels.  Often, she spends time with her subjects before painting them, watching them in their natural surroundings, chatting with them, and capturing them with a camera at their tasks.  

Minnis-Eyma has received awards in several art competitions, including the Esso and Central Bank Art contests, the latter of which she won in the Junior Division.  She was commissioned by the Central Bank to create portraits of its Governors, together with her sister Nicole.  Minnis-Eyma has also participated in a number of joint exhibitions with her father, Eddie Minnis, and sister, Nicole, in Freeport and in Nassau. 

Minnis Eyma’s artwork have been featured frequently at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB), including in the inaugural show,  the second national exhibition, and in the Minnis family retrospective entitled “Creations Grace” in 2014.

The artist's paintings are in private collections in The Bahamas, Canada and the United States.