McKinney, Jace

Artist and illustrator Jace McKinney (Born 1983, Nassau, The Bahamas) draws from Campbell's theory of 'The Hero's journey' to illustrate complex, theological and personal narratives in his poetic paintings and sculptures. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, McKinney majored in sculpture with an emphasis on illustration.  His Christian faith is integral to his practice and in 2013, McKinney began a new chapter in his career, enrolling in seminary at Andrews University, Michigan. While there are Biblical stories and references in McKinney's work,  he is not interested in using iconic religious language, but says "I want the direction of my work to be conscious of the universal perspective and how it can be translated to different types of people".  

In 2012, McKinney won the Central Bank of The Bahamas Art competition open category under the theme 'Redefining the Landscape', which he followed with a solo show titled Decoding Salvation. He won the competition again in 2014. The artist's work
was selected for National Exhibition 7 at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and was selected to exhibit in the Central Bank of The Bahamas  collection exhibition in the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in 2015. McKinney has illustrated two published children's books: Lenny in da big yard, Natasha Turnquest (2010)  and I Can't Sleep, Allie McPhail  (2012).