Katz, Sue

Sue Katz (born 1962, Boston, Massachusetts, USA) works with graphite, oil pastel, pen and ink and acrylics, but is best known for her adventurous and complex collages. collage in the same way she would create a painting, by layering colours and patterns. She often adds other mediums such as acrylic or crayon to add depth and richness to the final works.

Katz describes her practice, "I love this technique for many reasons: the use of color, texture and type is limitless, and I am constantly being challenged by the materials that I have at hand in my studio. My first thought when I start a new piece is not about capturing the image as it is, but more so about creating a mood and figuring out the aspects of how I am going to achieve a desired effect. The color and brightness that I choose bring dimension to the surface, drawing the viewer into that particular piece. I want my surface to be stimulating, engaging the viewer to look closely and have fun with the art. I am not afraid to use color. When I am working, I look for patterns and colors that might not necessarily “jibe” in the eyes of most people, but creative juxtaposition is what inspires me."

In recent years, Katz has addressed socially challenging themes such as racisim, bigotry, sexism and religious intolerance in her artwork. A major multi-media sculpture chosen for inclusion in the NAGB's National Exhibition 6, "Who Are We? (aka: The Little Cabinet of Hate)", examines many of these themes in a provocative fashion.

Katz attended Syracuse University and received a Bachelor's Degree in fine arts and illustration. She worked as an artist in residence at the Contemporary Art Center in Massachusetts, and also studied at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy.

Katz's engaging multi-panel collages of Bahamian scenery feature prominently at the Nassau International Airport. Her most recent solo exhibition at The D'Aguilar Art Foundation was in early 2022.