Hunt, Marlon

Marlon Hunt (born 1971, Nassau, The Bahamas) is a naive abstract artist.  Although he never received formal training in art, his unquenchable passion for expressing his thoughts on canvas drove him to develop his unique style over the years.   

Hunt completed studies in Architecture at The College of The Bahamas in 1991 and furthered his studies in Construction Management at Florida International University in 1997.  While studying for a career in construction engineering, he began to quietly produce paintings in his spare time.  In 1993, he exhibited these works and won the Annual Art Exhibition and Competition at The Central Bank of The Bahamas, becoming an overnight success.

In September 2001, Hunt lost his construction job due to economic fallout following the events of  September 11.   This caused a turning point in his professional aspirations, as he then switched his focus to developing his artistic talents.  In time, he prospered as a full-time artist.

Hunt's abstract paintings are bold and confident. Each work, though initially perceived as bright and uplifting, describe a breadth of human emotions: sadness, suffering and love.  Gallerist Pamela Burnside describes his work, "His colour treatment of subject matter, predominantly people, defines a strong affinity to his ancestry".

Hunt currently lives and works in South Carolina, where he teaches visual arts and produces paintings for sale in his studio.