Holden, Steve

Steve Holden (born 1955) is also affectionately known as "TooLoose" to his friends and collectors. Holden is an Island Renaissance Man; he paints portraiture, caricatures, cartoons and murals, is an accomplished photographer, is a gifted jazz artist, storyteller, creative chef, and performer. A true original, a he brings his trademark raucous energy, humor, playfulness, colour and love of life to all his creative ventures.

His artwork is playful and illustrative, capturing lively Bahamian scenes and characters with great gusto, whether for his trademark postcards, album covers or his giant murals. Holden's murals can be seen in public spaces throughout The Bahamas including Jokers Wild Comedy Club at Atlantis, The Pirates of Nassau Museum, Hammerheads of Harbour Island and Nassau.

Holden also has an active interest in environmental issues, and was one of the leading musicians in the Breathe Better Bahamas event held in 2015. He regularly participates in art exhibitions throughout the Bahamas, including fundraisers for the Bahamas International Film Festival. Lately, Holden has focused on playing his own style of rock, jazz, blues, folk and calypso with The Rum Dums, or creating his original style of island music that he refers to as Jabluzo.