George, Yutavia

Yutavia George is a Bahamian painter and illustrator whose work explores identity and environment. She is primarily concerned with mapping temporal changes within a physical space by manipulating her drawings to portray the physiological and psychological shifts caused by environmental change. George' work has been included in Art Exhibitions in the Bahamas and internationally, these are: The National Exhibition 7 "Antillean: an Ecology" (2014), in Nassau Bahamas ; Transforming Spaces, SWELL, (2016) in Nassau Bahamas; and “Caribbean: Together Apart, Contemporary Artists from the Caribbean" (2014) in Venice, Italy. She participated in Bei Geo's Artist in Residency at the Redgate Gallery in 2016, where she held drawing focused workshops. She has a BA of Education degree from the University of the Bahamas and holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Drawing from the Paris College of Art.