i know a river by Matthew David Rahming


Matthew David Rahming is an emerging interdisciplinary artist, born in Nassau in 1997.

Having graduated from St. Augustine's College in 2014, he then majored in art at the University of the Bahamas. In 2017, he held his first solo exhibition "TUFF" at the University's Pro Gallery. In 2022, Rahming’s work was chosen to exhibit in the NE10 at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. This is his first solo exhibition.

Rahming considers himself an expressionist whose process is heavily rooted in introspection and observation. Spiritual undercurrents in particular permeate this opus, a fact alluded to in many of the works’ titles.

His current practice is focused around paintings and drawings rendered predominantly in acrylic paint and charcoal and his latest body of work, which forms the emphasis of the current exhibition, focuses on sculptures and vessels fashioned from cement. With their textured/ragged/fossilferous surfaces, these works evoke a sense of the natural landscape in which they were created; made outside in his mother’s yard, this external context was integral to the artist in framing their conception. The use of cement, a material seemingly incompatible with the objects it embodies, serves as a reminder of the imperfect nature of things and their ultimate decay.