The Architecture of Community by Nastassia Pratt


We are delighted to host a solo exhibition by Nastassia Pratt entitled 'The Architecture of Community'

It is a particularly apt time to view Pratt's meticulous watercolor and assemblages of Bahamian homes. Having just endured Hurricane Dorian and witnessed homes fracture or disappear, the future of our architectural design seems undetermined. Pratt's work offers an historical perspective by depicting the exterior of some of the oldest buildings in Nassau and the out-islands. One of the things that draws the artist to document these specific spaces is that they were built with community in mind:

"The aesthetic of these kinds of homes is a dying one and I hope to celebrate them. By nature of how these buildings are designed they encourage community and I hope to continue highlighting these neighborhoods and homes to encourage Bahamians to look back to our architectural history for its common-sense approach to community living and planning.

It is because of her interest in community living that Pratt obtained her architectural degree from Ryerson in 2016 and will continue her studies this year, focusing on Urban Planning. Pratt's visual practice is an extension of her architectural research and she draws on these skills to build the paintings off of the surface of the paper, resembling an architectural model. These artworks depict small areas of the communities we live in now, but Pratt's combined skills allow her to offer ideas for the future of Bahamian design.

Artist Bio

Nastassia Pratt was (born 1985, The Bahamas) is a watercolor artist and architectural modeler. She received her associate degree in architecture from The University of The Bahamas and BA in architectural science from Ryerson University (2016). Pratt has also worked on curatorial teams, most notably as assistant curator at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB). Most recently Pratt has been involved in the Carrot City international exhibitions contributing as project graphic designer and researcher for exhibitions in Toronto, Madagascar and Ecuador. 'The Architecture of Community' is Pratt's sixth solo exhibition. She currently lives and works in Canada.