I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY: Works from the Collection


The D'Aguilar Art Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY, an exhibition featuring some of the most conversational pieces from our collection.

The selected works explore the new way artists speak about their political environments: now-highlighted issues of discrimination have inspired artists to react more combatively within their work. Thus, all pieces within this exhibition stem from the Artists’ response to the injustices they witness within the society they live in: themes of identity, race, and sexuality are all echoed throughout the show.

This exhibition confronts the ways in which these abuses affect one’s sense of self. This is especially done through the use of text: within all the work displayed, text is used to highlight a specific issue, thought, or to ask the question that inspires the piece. For instance, in Khia Poitier’s work, it acts as a subconscious remark, adding context to the images within the piece. ‘Hello Darling, What are You Wearing?’becomes a mantra that brings focus to the painful expressions of the subjects, and forces the viewer to confront the divisiveness of the question.

I’VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY’s relevance is more crucial now than ever. It highlights the importance of art and artists and presents them a catalysts for responding to injustice.

Participating artists include: Bernard Petit, John Cox, Maxwell Taylor, June Colle, David Smith, Helene Seligman, Antonius Roberts, Greg Pesik, Margot Bethel, Toby Lunn, Dionne Benjamin-Smith, Christina Darville, Kendal Hanna, Khia Poitier, and Sue Katz.