NOMAD of the Golden Hour


American-born photographer, Greg Pesik, has for the last three decades recorded his extensive global travels through his camera lens. Reflecting a fascination with the solace of the morning and the evening, Pesik captures dimming and glowing light enveloping architecture, landscapes and cityscapes.  

A business entrepreneur by trade, Pesik’s  creative endeavors have been a great companion to his work, “Photography and my work have been closely connected for decades.  Behind the lens, I gain the advantage of looking at issues from diverse perspectives.   I feel very fortunate to apply the resulting open-mindedness to my professional life."

With regards to the images in the exhibition, Pesik brilliantly captures vistas bathed in the delicate light of the "golden hour", the time of the day at dawn and dusk when the sun lies between the horizon and 6 degrees above.   While hunting for the most striking compositions during his travels, Pesik strives "to illicit a feeling in a viewer, not just record an event.”

“Nomad of the Golden Hour” is the first solo exhibition for Greg Pesik, and includes images from the ancient canals of Venice to the wintery mountain peaks of Iceland to the momentous Great Wall of China, and everywhere in-between.

Each year, The D’Aguilar Art Foundation kicks off the academic year by featuring an exhibition with appeal across all age groups, including younger audiences and class visits.  We hope this exhibition will bridge the gap between fine art and classroom studies,  connecting striking images of geography, climate, geology and the environment to the facts and figures of text books and lectures.