Balance/Reflection John Cox/Dawn Davies


For John Cox, balance is not so much a goal as a constant exercise in conscious creativity. Engaging the lifecycle of balance—struggle, transcendence, and acceptance—he often manifests in his artwork a sense of a spiritual journey. His sculptural chairs and tables, emblematic objects, images of struggle, love or desire offer reflections of our own cycles.  

Designed to integrate into a home-life, John Cox’s work has found the perfect home at Callaloo, Dawn Davies home. Dawn has collected artwork since 1969 and although her collection exceeds her wall and floor space now, she lives with an abundance of artwork, John’s included. Dawn knows the works intimately, having now lived with them longer than the artist themselves; she designs pedestals and plinths, marries works together in surprising ways and places them in spaces that have personal meaning, which in-turn gives the work new layers and values.  

We are delighted to present a selection of John Cox’s work spanning from his days as a student at Rhode Island School of Design to the present; work that Dawn has curated into her life, offering us a look at the union of these two committed practices: the making of Art and the nurturing of Art.