The D’Aguilar Art Foundation, launched in 2008, is the culmination of Vincent D’Aguilar’s vision for Bahamian art. One of the most comprehensive privately held art collections in The Bahamas, the Foundation is an educational resource for artists, scholars, collectors, students and the general public. Operating out of a multi-functional exhibition, educational and archival space, we strive to involve members of the public in the ideas and discourse of Bahamian artists.  

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Artwork of the Week: 'Everything is not level and I am not str8' by Margot Bethel

In keeping with our recent studio visit to Margot Bethel at the Current [Studios], we want to highlight one of her brilliant installations that she constructed for our 2014 Transforming Spaces Exhibition, Submerged.

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Artwork of the Week: 'Sea Blessings' by Jordanna Kelly

This week we highlight a newly acquired piece to our collection: 'Sea Blessings' by Jordanna Kelly.

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Opportunities Bulletin

INTIMACY at Science Gallery Dublin

When : October 2018
Where : Ireland

Science Gallery Dublin is seeking proposals for up to twenty works for INTIMACY, a free exhibition that asks what human connection is made of. INTIMACY will examine the science and art of connection between humans, bringing together neuroscience, art, behaviour, belief and trust. We’ll find closeness in surprising places and probe how INTIMACY can emerge between friends or opponents, across time and cultures, or amongst networks and groups. With electronic communication ever more pervasive, INTIMACY will examine how all this interconnectedness may disrupt traditional notions of togetherness, opening new avenues for connection, or killing off intimacy altogether. We are looking for works that explore the themes on intimacy in surprising and unusual ways. Provisional exhibition dates are October 2018 to February 2019.

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La Wayaka Current Artist-led initiative

When : Several dates
Where : South America

La Wayaka Current artist-led initiative offers artists and researchers the chance to develop site-responsive projects at the gateway between South and Central America, in one of the richest biomes on earth, in collaboration with the first politically autonomous indigenous group in Latin America. Here community and respect for mother earth remains at the heart of this place, despite increased connections to the globalised world. This program offers participants a unique chance to reconnect with nature and share with indigenous + rural communities who live from the land and sea with ancient knowledge still carried through their culture. Live this transformative experience with an international group of participants, in a supportive and creative environment that seeks to experiment and push boundaries of researching and developing progressive interdisciplinary works, in relation to relevant socio-political and environmental subjects of our time. Tropic 08°N is a self-directed program over 21 - 42 days offering the space, time, and inspiration to develop new projects in order to promote necessary dialogues and understanding between remote areas of this planet and cities worldwide.

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