Depictions of Living - Art and Activism in time of climate crisis

When : January 2020
Where : London
Application Deadline : 8 November 2019
Application Fee : None
Stipend : none

This call-out’s aim is to showcase recent works by contemporary and emerging artists confronting issues related to the climate crisis and life in the Anthropocene, as well as the creative approach within environmental movements (Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion,
School Strike, etc.) We are looking for artists working with any medium (painting, sculpture, photography, performance, video art, animation, film, documentaries, etc.)

This is an opportunity for artists, who in the core of their practice are exploring the challenges of global climate change and ecological destruction.

This exhibition will take place at the Art Pavilion, Mile End, in East London parallel to a range of interactive and participatory exhibition-related events such as workshops, talks, and film screenings over a week.

(The participants will be informed of the events prior to the private view.)
- The Art Pavillion is fully accessible!

****** OUTDOOR SPACE ****** (In addition to the main gallery space):

We also have access to an outdoor space in front of the gallery. We are looking for
performances/ Installations to take place in that space. Please send your submissions/
proposals for the outdoor space via the links below, or email
for more information.

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Curator: Roshanak (Roshi) Khakban
Art Director: Samuel Ivan Roberts

Email for the project:
Social media: Instagram @depictionsofliving
Facebook page: depictions of living