Artwork of the Week: ‘Three Spirits’ (1959) by Robert St. Brice


Happy Spooky Day everyone! In accordance with the spiritual-themed month, this week we are highlighting one piece from our collection that is rooted in spirituality: ‘Three Spirits’ by Robert St. Brice.

Raised by a prominent Episcopalian and eventually becoming a voodoo priest, St. Brice received inspiration for most of his paintings directly from communication with vodou spirits. This painting is no exception; it’s figures are the result of intuitive brush work, forming three figures that seem to be ungrounded, almost floating in mid-air. There is not much to go on, really: these figures do not have the traditional form – only three faces, no legs, no arms – but as the viewer, we are able to fill in the blanks intuitively, because we, too, are intuitive beings. Works like ‘Three Spirits’ is what places St. Brice among the pantheon of Haitian Artists that connects their Spirituality to their work.