Artwork of the Week: 'Everything is not level and I am not str8' by Margot Bethel


In keeping with our recent studio visit to Margot Bethel at the Current [Studios], we want to highlight one of her brilliant installations that she constructed for our 2014 Transforming Spaces Exhibition, Submerged.

 This piece,  'Everything is not level and I am not str8' articulates so well the balances of power within relationships, and pivots around the formation of identity in a place that opposes your otherness. Bethel explains more extensively in this excerpt from her artist's statement:    

In Nassau, back in the olden days (circa 1980) a common colloquialism was [is] erryting level? Now, in the enlightened era of the new millennium we say [are] you straight? These two expressions form the root of my title.

"For me the themes of this piece revolve around status, balance of power, trust, partnership, otherness, opposite forces, equanimity, reciprocity and returning. That said, it is through the experience of play that layered meanings and long forgotten sensations emerge."

If you would like to visit our current Transforming Spaces Exhibition, MUSE,  to see the new works created for us this year, our gallery is open every Tuesday and Thursday (or by appointment).