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  • Artwork of the Week: 'Woman with Basket on Head' by Errol Allen

    One of Jamaica's most prolific fine artists, Errol Allen's work showcases his immense talent in mastering shadows, light, and color. This particular painting, 'Woman with Basket on head', emanates a softness that can only be a result of this masterful color work, and a dedication to perfecting the portrayal of the landscapes and people around him. 
  • Artwork of the Week: 'Street Vendors' by Wilson Bigaud

    Wilson Bigaud's 'Street Vendors'  is one of many paintings by the Haitian artist that The Foundation was able to procure. This painting, as with most of Bigaud's work, depicts everyday life in Haiti - and does so with his characteristic use of bright color. His figure-work is reminiscent of statues: initially, Wilson Bigaud worked with clay before he began his career in painting. 'Street Vendors' is currently a part of the Caribbean section at the Foundation.

  • Artwork of the Week: 'The Joneser' by Dionne Benjamin-Smith

    This piece currently hangs in our ongoing exhibition, "I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY", and is one of two works by Dionne Benjamin-Smith that currently hangs in the show. "The Joneser", like so many of Benjamin-Smith's work, analyzes stereotypes associated with blackness.