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  • Transforming Spaces was a Success!

    The DAF proudly took part in Transforming Spaces this past weekend (March 12 and 13th), an event that sees all of Nassau's galleries and Art spaces open their doors for a schedule of special events, parties and tours. Now in its twelfth year, Transforming Spaces took on a new format with great success; viewers could walk, drive or take a bus between galleries at their leisure and enjoy refreshments at each stop.
    The DAF exhibited the new collaborative body of work by John Beadle, Stan Burnside and Antonius Roberts under the title Jammin. 
  • Bahamian artists exhibiting abroad can now avoid import duty

    Works purchased or originating from abroad and being imported must be verified by The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. After verification, the NAGB will coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to issue a certificate allowing the work(s) to be imported duty free; however, 7.5 percent VAT will still be applicable in all cases. 

    For artists or dealers exporting Bahamian-made work for international exhibitions, the new process -- which will save on both import duty and VAT charges -- requires the artists or show organizers to inform the NAGB in writing of their need to export local artwork for exhibition purposes, listing the artist's name, the artwork titles, the medium, date and value.

    A fee of $50 will be applied for the administrative process, with the exception of fellows of the gallery. The customs department will grant approval for a nominal value of the work, thereby eliminating the former practice of valuing the work at its actual cost. 

    The new process will be much cheaper for artists exhibiting abroad. Contact the gallery at 328-5800