Remote Learning

Hello Uriah McPhee Students!

I am going to upload a video next Tuesday that you can follow along to make an artwork. When you have made the artwork, have your parent or guardian take a photograph of it and send it to

See you soon!

-Ms. Tessa

Introduction to your first class!
First project

Make your own Origami Butterfly

Second Project

Make a collage of flowers and butterflies using your construction paper and markers

Third Project

What does your self-portrait look like? Use paint or collage your construction paper and craft papers to make a self-portrait inspired by these two Bahamian artists.

Fourth Project

Figures and Fashion! Design the coolest outfit you can think of, using paint and decorative paper.


Halloween cat with paint!

An Introduction to The DAF Gallery

Sorry I haven't made a new project video this week! I was hanging a new exhibition in our gallery and it took up all my energy and time. Take a look at it here!
And.... I will be adding a new project tomorrow (Thursday!)... so please catch up asap and send your artworks through to us so we can keep posting them!


I borrowed this video from a great online teacher- he is going to teach you how to draw a dragon. I loved the final drawing, and I hope you do too! I can't wait to see what you make!

Eighth Project

Paint a beautiful tree!


DRAW A CHRISTMAS GIFT- get yourself ready to make Christmas cards or make a beautiful drawing for a friend/famiy member! You will need your markers and paper for this project.

I've borrowed this video from a learning channel because it shows the process so clearly.



Make a Cartoon Santa with your markers and paper (and you have the option to paint it in if you would like).