​NEW ACQUISITION: Sonia Farmer's "A True and Exact History" (Poinciana Paper Press, 2018)


This artist book was recently acquired by the DAF from the fundraising exhibition in support of Letitia Pratt's studies, a garden. Sonia Farmer so generously donated the piece to the exhibition, and for this we truly appreciate her! Here's what she says about the work:

"This award-winning artist book and accompanying script is an erasure of Richard Ligon's "A True & Exact History of the Island of Barbadoes" (1657). Using the language, imagery, and thematic drives at the core of this text to disrupt the theology of colonial Caribbean history, these unbound poetic fragments scattered among a shifting landscape simultaneously recreate and resist narrative as a device of cohesive history, ultimately calling into question what it means to write "a true and exact history" of anything."